Chapter 17


I am not mad. I swear I am just pissed! I asked her if she needed anything, but she answered that she didn't. Then I would know that Liam was bringing her back to the city. I have so many things to confirm from her. She might be the long-lost daughter of the moon goddess.

I could have helped her if she really wanted to find her true parents and ask and hear their explanations. And Liam, man, is my best friend, and my blood boils at him. He knows that I should be the one bringing Selene back to the city since I am the one who brought her to the pack.

I throw the glass of whiskey from my hand. I am frustrated! It created a loud noise as the glass smashed into the wall.

“Alpha,” I heard someone call me.

I turn to look at one of my guards.

“Yes?” I coldly ask. I am still not in the mood. Selene, what are you doing to me? Woman.

“Luna Olivia is here,” he said, and Luna Olivia entered my office. I stood up from my seat to welcome her.

I motioned to the scatte

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