Chapter 4 Letter

The next day, I got up early and dressed for school. It was warm out, so I settled for a pale pink collar shirt and some boyfriend jeans, slipped on some white vans, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and I'm ready to go.

I grabbed my backpack from the floor and headed to my desk to collect my homework. I arranged it and folded it in two before placing them between my trigonometry book, which is too big and heavy for its worth.

I surveyed my room for one last time to make sure I had not forgotten a single thing.

Happy with myself, I headed for my dresser and frowned when I saw the cracked mirror. I tapped it last night to prevent it from running even further and break the whole thing apart. But now that I am looking at it, I couldn't help but pity the state that it's in. I made a mental note that I would have its mirror changed before the weekends.

Slipping my bag over my shoulder, I headed downstairs to get something to eat. The smell of fresh toast, bacon, eggs, and hot chocolate with cinnamon wafted in the air. I inhaled sharply and trudged down, and headed for the kitchen.

I saw my mom looking like a tornado as she darted back and forth making breakfast while dad was sitting on the table drinking his coffee while reading a newspaper. Typical family portrait right here, everyone. Now, all we need is for me to be the perfect daughter; walk in, greet them a good morning, kiss both parents on the cheek, sit on the chair, and eat breakfast.

But instead of doing all of that, I let out a loud yawn, dropped my heavy bag full of textbooks on the floor, and slumped on my chair.

"Good morning to you too, darling." My dad said, looking over his newspaper with an amused look. He sipped his coffee again before placing it right back on the table.

"Morning," I replied.

Just then, mom placed a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast in front of me, and my mouth immediately watered at the sight and smell of it. I took a fork and started to dig in.

"Honestly, Gabriella." My mom said and looked at me disapprovingly when I got crumbs on the table.

"What?" I said through a mouthful. My face was covered in crumbs as I reached out for my hot chocolate.

Mom stared at me for a while like she wanted to say something. She opened her mouth and closed it again with a shake of her head. "You know what? Nevermind. I don't even know why I bother to ask you to eat like a lady."

"Well, I don't smile like a lady," I said. At that, my father coughed violently as he choked on his coffee. I wanted to laugh at them when my mom quickly grabbed a glass of water and offered it to him, but we all knew that I couldn’t. I might chase my parents away and out of the kitchen.

Then again, it wouldn't be so bad because then I get to eat all the food.

I looked up at the clock to see that it was almost 7:30 AM. The bus that is going to take me to school would arrive at any minute now. I shoved the last piece of toast in my mouth as I readied to leave.

"I'll be going now," I said and started to grab my bag from the floor. I was almost out of the kitchen when my mother called me.

"Gabriella," My mother said, and I turned around to see her approaching me. She took something out of her apron pocket and handed a white envelope to me. "This came in the mail today with your name on it. I don't know whom it was from." Said my mother and eyed it curiously, which I assume that she did not open for respect. I appreciated that about her.

I took the envelope with a confused look. I never got a letter from anyone. Ever. And receiving letters these days is infrequent thanks to technology. The only note that this age now has is email or text messages. 

And even I don't get any of that.

My fingers felt something rectangular and thin. I got curious and started opening the letter. I felt the heavy weight of my mom's eyes on me as I tore it open. I took out its contents to see a small note and a card inside.

Frowning, I flipped the card over to see that it was my school ID. How did this thing get in here?

I turned to the note then and unfolded it. It was a short note written in delicate cursive that even my English teacher, who is so proud of his handwriting, would be jealous of. 

I started to read it.


Drop this last night, Gabriella. 

I love that name. See you after school, my love!

Your one and only Hot hybrid guy/Boyfriend/Soulmate/Stalker/Dark Prince,

Aelfric Beaumont <3


Fuking Hell!

My blood ran cold as I stared at the note. Memories of last night that I forced myself to forget had completely whooshed out of my box and came crashing into my head. Aside from knowing where I live, he now knows my name and school – not that there is any other school in this little town anyway.

Another bad thing about this note is that he placed a heart at the end of his name. I mean, what kind of guy puts a freaking heart at the end of his name?! 

Then again, he isn't a regular guy. He says so himself.

"Gabby? Are you alright?" My mother asked. I glanced up at her to see her looking at me with a worried look before her gaze landed on the note as if sensing that it had something to do with my current mood change.

I quickly wiped the worry off my face and crumpled the piece of paper in my fist to hide it from her. "Fine," I said, and just in time, I heard the sound of the bus engine outside. I turned away from my mother and walked out the door before she could ask me anything I didn't want her to think about.

I got out of the house and raced for the bus. I got in and settled at the very back of the bus seat. I slumped in my chair and plugged in my earphones as I listened to some music. As the bus started again, I saw something in my peripheral vision: a guy was standing beside our house and hidden in the shades of the trees. I quickly looked that way, but there was no one there. The spot beside our house and underneath the shadows was empty.

If it weren't for what I saw last night, I might think that I was hallucinating, but I was pretty sure I wasn't because, for a moment there, I saw him smile.

And he was showing off his fangs.


I was paranoid. I knew it the moment I entered the premises of the school. He was following me. He's stalking me, and he's not even bothering to hide it. The first time I really spotted him was the moment I got out of the bus – I was the first one to get down – he appeared in front of me, grinning and waving, before running off at a fast speed before the others could spot him.

The second time was during class. I was sitting in front and near the window. I was looking down at the school's parking lot when I saw him down there and staring up at me. He smirked and gave me a wink before vanishing again.

I never sat by the window ever again.

The third time was during lunch. I was just headed for the cafeteria when he suddenly blocked the door and told me not to get the soup because the chef accidentally placed something in there that I didn’t want to know. And then he was gone.

He was starting to tick me off. He kept following me everywhere!! I don't even know how long I can take any more of this! I want to pee! And I can't even do that in fear that he might be watching, so I only drank a little water for the whole day so that I wouldn't pee!

The school finally ended with me having a sore neck from turning around at each suspicious sound. I headed for my locker to place my things, but a letter fell on the ground when I opened it. Placing my book in my locker, I bend down to pick it up. It was pink and had a heart seal in front. Frowning, I opened it and read its contents.



I've watched you from afar for a very long time now. While the others think you're snobbish and rude, I believe you are pretty and kind. I admire you. If you would like to meet me, see me on the football field after class. I hope you'll come.

Secret Admirer


I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but snort at the letter. Secret Admirer? Is he kidding me? I already know who he was, and that is no secret! And he's only been watching me for a few hours!! The nerve!

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