Two: Pleasure Is All Mine

Elena followed behind me, weapon in hand, as we made our way through the compound. People everywhere stopped to stare at us as we invaded their sanctuary.

"You know," I started, but Elena wrapped her hand around my forearm to silence me.

"I'm sure he does know. Let's just keep our opinions to ourselves and not anger these people, okay?" Her voice was as strong and as sturdy as the blade in her hand, but I knew from the way she was squeezing the blood out of my arm, that she was scared.

It was understandable. We either just walked into a cult or an actual werewolf pack. Either way, things were not looking to go in our favor.

"I am also sure that I already know, but please, enlighten me. What were you going to say, Olivia?" The man chimed in, amusement laced in his words. I cringed when he said my name, and his smile grew wider.

"It's just Liv. Olivia is saved for doctors, therapists, and for when my family is mad at me. None of which apply in this situation." I stumbled over a loose rock on the pathway, praying no one noticed, but it seemed the strange man as well as my chortling sister did. "Anyway, if you are what I think you are, then you following us in would make you some sort of patrol. So, I'm sure you know that two humans sneaking in means that you really need to step up your game."

Two girls walked by, giggling between themselves when they scanned the man leading us further into their housing development. He was toned and in shape, but I did not find him attractive. Maybe the doctors were right about me. Maybe I have lost my mind.

"Don't worry about that. As soon as you were within fifty feet of our territory, I let him know that you were coming. I was under strict orders to allow you entry and to bring you right in." He turned the corner, leaving me a step behind as my breathe caught in my throat. Elena's hand had never left my arm, and I was grateful for her touch as it grounded me from going bonkers.

"So, you admit it! You are werewolves!" The excitement was unavoidable. All this time, I had been right!

Fuck you, world!

The man did not respond, but Elena settled up next to me as she slid her knife back into her pocket. When she noticed me watching her, she shrugged with indifference. "What? If that's true, we both know that little knife won't do anything to them. It's not even silver."

I wanted to scoff at her, but I was soaring so high that nothing could bring me down. "Then why on Earth would you bring it on a trip to find werewolves?"

She shrugged. "I didn't think we would actually find them. Considering the fact that the giant over here is bringing us to the guy that calls the shots, it just feels right not to approach him with a weapon out."

"The Alpha."

"The Alpha."

The giant and I said at the same time. We made eye contact, and my giddiness returned. That was officially the first time that he had verbally confirmed what they were.

We fell silent as the tall man approach the doorway to a large house in the middle of all the cabins. It was a rustic-looking single-story camping lodge. There was a pillar of smoke coming from the chimney, and several windows cut into the wooden exterior. He knocked firmly once.

Butterflies filled my stomach, but they weren't from nerves or anxiety. I felt excited and giddy. Over the next few seconds, they only increased in strength until my head started to spin. When footsteps could be heard on the other side of the door, I stopped breathing.

The Alpha was only a few feet away. He stood just behind one single piece of wood. He was the man who would have the answers to all my questions, and he would know who it was that I was looking for.

I wasn't crazy.

"Breathe, little one. I can't have you passing out before you get to meet him. He would have my head." The giant was right. If I went down now, this would all be for not, and Elena would probably try her hand with that tiny blade in her pocket.

I took in a deep gasp of air. As the door opened, I was grateful that I did so. The man behind the door put the giant who walked us here to shame. He was magnificent. His body was tense, and I watched the muscles of his chest as he took in several slow deep breaths as if savoring the smooth evening air.

There was not an ounce of body fat on him from what I could see. The light brown khaki shorts he wore did nothing to hide his sculpted thighs. Nor did the cotton black t-shirt hide his rigid chest and abdominal muscles. I was surprised his arms could even fit through the sleeves with how large they were.

Compared to him, I felt like a dwarf. I was an average height and weight, but standing in front of the Hulk, I felt tiny.

"Boss, I see you dressed up. Looking very sharp. Here are the ladies that you requested. Also, Seb was pissing behind Mona's house again. You can expect her complaint in the morning." The corner of the Alpha's lips turned up in amusement as he heard the news.

"Thank you, Parker. I'll take it from here." His deep voice sent a wave of heat straight through to my core. His hazel eyes turned to meet mine, and my stomach dropped to my toes.

I was certain that I had never seen such beautiful eyes before, but something about him seemed so familiar. It was as if I knew him from somewhere. If I didn't, then I absolutely wanted to get to know him.

Parker turned and walked off, but not without chuckling at my bewildered expression.

"Olivia, Elena, it is a pleasure to meet you both. Please, come in." He took a step back and gestured to the seating area off to the side of the front entryway.

"The pleasure is all mine." The tone of my voice did nothing to hide my attraction for the man, and I mentally slapped my palm against my face.

"Real smooth," Elena whispered as she wiggled by me to make her way to the couch.

"Do I know you?" I asked him, unable to take my eyes away from the man's face. His dark brown hair and shorty-trimmed beard gave him a dark look that had my toes curling.

"I believe we have crossed paths but did not get a chance to get to know one another. Let's amend that. Shall we?" He stretched out his hand in my direction, palm up. Not wanting to be rude to the supernatural being that was kind enough to not slaughter me the moment I stepped into his territory, I set my hand in his.

Sparks traveled up my arm, leaving a trail of fire along my skin. It was unusual but not uncomfortable. If anything it made me want to throw any reservations aside and rub myself all over him like a cat.

He guided me into the house, pulling me to the left where Elena had sat on an overstuffed grey couch. A large warmly lit chandelier hung from the center of the vaulted ceilings, but the majority of the light in the room had come from the fireplace. It probably hadn't been the best idea to come in the late afternoon, but it was the only time we could get away from our parents.

He stretched out his empty hand as he gestured for me to sit down on the sofa across from Elena. I did not like to be separated from her in the stranger's house, but something in me wanted to please him.

So, I sat, my hand still lifted in his as he remained standing. He stared down at me with a look of wonder before sitting next to me. The heat that radiated from his body had me subconsciously shifting closer to him. I glanced over the glass coffee table to Elena, who was staring with her eyebrows creased together. The look of bewilderment had me reconsidering putting distance between myself and the Alpha, or at least taking my hand from his, but when he pressed his thigh against mine, those thoughts faded.

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Kimberley D Goetz Browder
She should known better to not talk about werewolves.
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ohhhh,is this his Luna...Lol
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Interesting and exciting.

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