Four: Soulmates

I had read enough about werewolf lore and myths that I understood how the aspect of mates worked. It was just surprising to hear that I had one. Humans don't get to just know who their soulmate is. They normally have to date dozens of people, and then pray that the one they marry is the right one.

Not only was I sane, but I had a soulmate. The thought made me want to giggle like a schoolgirl, but the seriousness of the situation caught me off guard.

"No, we are not going to kill you, Elena. You are in a similar situation as your sister. When you are ready, there is someone out front who wants to meet you." Gabriel gently guided me back to the couch, and I took my previous seat.

Elena sat across from me, staring as if she were in shock.

"Olivia, I know you have questions. I promise I will answer all of them. Would you stay tonight?" Gabriel looked intense as if he had to harden his expression to keep his true feelings from me. I had to wonder if he was as nervous as I was.

My head moved up and down, no words coming from my lips as I continued to stare wide-eyed at the man next to me. He interlaced our fingers once more, sending me a dazzling smile.

Elena cut in as she pulled out her phone and typed out a quick message, saving me from having to untie my tongue to answer. "I'll tell mom and dad that we are staying at Stacy's house tonight."

It frustrated me that we still had to answer to them. We were both eighteen and school was over, but we were stuck living with them. They were controlling and didn't want us to leave. Well, they didn't want Elena to leave, but she had been accepted to a university in town and would be commuting from home.

For me, they didn't trust me to leave. I tried to apply to several universities across the country. Unfortunately, I didn't turn 18 until after the admission deadline, and my parents refused to sign anything. Now, if I wanted to go to college, I would have to wait until the next semester.

I know they didn't trust me to move into dorms or live on my own. They barely trusted me enough to let me out of the house. The only time they would is if I was with Elena. Hence, why I dragged her hiking through the forest once a weekend for the past few years. She was a good sister and put up with it because she believed me, or at least she said she did. Now she had no choice. She was sitting in front of their Alpha with a mate waiting just outside the house.

"Alright then. I will have someone bring food from the packhouse. Elena, will you be eating with us?" As Gabriel asked, a growl could be heard from outside. He smirked and glanced toward the window with a smug look as if taunting whoever was there. "Ignore her. She is just impatient to meet you. Please, feel free to stay as long as you would like. She can wait."

Another growl echoed through the room, but this time Gabriel's eyes went black, and a threatening look came over his face. My mind was telling me to back away from him slowly, but my body wanted me to stay and comfort him.

"If you will excuse me, ladies. It appears my cousin has forgotten her place." Gabriel turned but the look on his face was unchanged and intimidating. He pressed the softest of kisses to the back of my hand before setting it on my lap and walking out of the room. The front door shut loudly behind him, seemingly waking us from our shocked state.

"All this time, you were right! I mean, I never thought you were crazy, but I wasn't entirely sold on werewolves! Magic, maybe! But humans that can transform into animals and talk to you telepathically? Oh my god! This is unbelievable!" Elena jumped up to her feet and began to bounce around excitedly. "And I have a soulmate! A soulmate that can turn into a wolf! How cool is that?"

I watched stunned from where I sat, as she walked over to the window to peek out into the rapidly descending darkness. There was no sound from the outside, and I could only assume that Elena could not see anything as she abandoned her post to return to my side.

When she saw I wasn't reacting the same way as her, she placed her hand on my shoulder. "You're mate seems nice. What's wrong?"

I glanced around the room, noting the lack of decorations on the walls, and the fire that had started to dwindle down before glancing at her. "It just feels like a dream. I knew I was attached to him from the first time I met him as a wolf, but that was ten years ago. Now, he is here. I'm waiting for someone to wake me up and shove another handful of pills down my throat as they tell me that none of this is real."

She wrapped her arm around my shoulders, squeezing me to her side comfortingly. "This is all real. Look, you've told me enough about wolves and mates. Even I know that this is one of the best things that could happen to anyone. He already adores you. Embrace it. Don't let any fears or doubts stop you from being happy."

The sound of the front door silenced us, and we both waited patiently for Gabriel to enter. Instead, an older woman pushed a covered cart down the hallway, sending us a brief smile as she passed. "Come along, dears. The Alpha will be along shortly."

Elena and I glanced at each other before moving to follow. The hallway walls were as bare as the living room. The house was beautiful and modern, but it was still a blank canvas as if it were ready to be abandoned at a moment's notice with no evidence that anyone had ever been here.

The hallway opened into a wide dining area. The woman began to set the covered trays on the table, her silver hair glistening under the light of the chandelier. Her eyes crinkled in the corners, and her smile made me feel at ease.

"I'm Betsy. I work in the dining hall, so you'll see me almost every day. We are so excited that you are both here! It was a pleasure to meet you, Luna, Elena." I watched in stunned silence as she dipped her head in our direction before leaving the house.

The smell coming from the food had my stomach growling and my mouth-watering. I debated digging in but knew I should wait for Gabriel since he was our host.

It wasn't more than a few seconds after we took seats across from each other that he returned. The door opened quietly, and two pairs of feet could be heard as they made their way down the hallway.

He came around the corner first, his shirt gone, showing his defined chest and bulging arms. It was unreal how sexy he was, and I grabbed onto the seat of my chair to stop myself from jumping up to greet him. He sent a smile my way as his eyes met mine. My lower lip curled up in between my teeth, and I bit down onto the soft flesh to prevent myself from saying anything foolish.

As the second person came around the corner, a wave of nausea crashed in my stomach. A strong warrior-looking woman with black hair, loose down her back in nothing more than a tank top and shorts, followed behind him. Her sharp cheekbones and plump, red lips rivaled several supermodels that I had seen on the cover of magazines.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

Her unwavering stare on Gabriel's back as he moved to take the seat to my right, at the head of the table, made me uncomfortable. She had a look of longing as if she were waiting for him to acknowledge her or give her permission for something. I only prayed it was not for the intimidatingly stunning woman to join us for dinner.

A warm touch against the back of my hand triggered sparks to erupt under my skin. My head snapped over to meet the knowing gaze of my mate, and I released my hold on the chair.

"My love, I would like you to meet Athena, my cousin. Athena, this is Olivia, your Luna." The pride in his voice made me feel giddy.

It took a moment before I realized who he said she was. I glanced over at Elena, who was staring wide-eyed at the tall woman. Athena remained standing at the opposite end of the table, her strong arms were rigid at her side, and her head was held high.

Athena dipped her head once in my direction. "Luna, it is a pleasure to meet you."

I watched confused as she refused to look at Elena, and instead went back to staring at Gabriel with rapidly forming anger evident on her face.

"Elena, this is my cousin, Athena." Gabriel's voice held humor, and I watched as Athena let out a deep breath of relief before setting her eyes on Elena.

My sister slid her chair back and jumped to her feet to greet the woman. "It's nice to meet you. You're my mate?"

Athena wasted no time and moved around the table fluidly, her footsteps barely audible as she rushed to Elena. My mouth dropped open in surprise when Elena was immediately wrapped in Athena's arms and pulled in for a deep kiss.

"And she said that we were friendly," I said.

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Sue Brown
great chapter so up beat and welcoming
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I like this ...
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Wow! That was surprising; and beautiful.

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