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Elena ran around my room, trying to clean up the mess that I had made while I clutched the phone to my ear. I could hear her ruffling around in my closet as I listened to the steady breathing coming in through the device in my hand.

He was real, and he was on his way.

All of the loudness in my mind steadily began to quiet.

"Liv?" He asked, and I let out a deep breath at the sound of my name coming from his lips.

"You're real," I whispered. My back pressed against the side of my bed as I pulled my head from between my knees.

The light thud of something hitting the floor sounded out from behind me, and I turned my head to see what Elena was moving. She didn't need to clean up my mess. It was bad enough she had to deal with my deranged mind.

Instead, I watched as Gabriel stood up from his crouched position. Despite the chilled night air, he was barefoot in a pair of basketball shorts with no shirt. I could only assume that he had run here

Ashley Breanne

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goodnovel comment avatar
I really, really like this story. Looking forward Ashley’s layout of this world.
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Christine Grijalva
Love the story so far . Really like the characters.
goodnovel comment avatar
Terri P
Maybe try choosing a chapter from the menu. Sometimes this platform glitches, and that's the only way to access the next chapter.

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