Fourteen: Interesting History

His statement was both erotic and surprising. I didn't realize I had to be turned or even that he could turn me. I had just assumed that some of the people around their compound were human mates like me. It was just a reminder that I knew nothing of their kind or traditions, just what limited information I found online.

"Once I turn?" I asked apprehensively. A small part of me wanted to be like him, but the majority of my being was screaming at the thought of being turned into a four-legged wolf.

"Yes. Once I bite you right here and mark you, you would turn on the next full moon." His eyes examined me carefully as his fingers circled the spot on my neck. I knew that he saw my concern as though it were written on my forehead. "Don't worry, I will be with you every step of the way."

His fingers interlaced with mine, and he pulled me to the couch. I stood patiently as he laid down. All of the nerves that I had been feeling earlier in the day washed away as he wrapped his hand around th
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Loving this book soo far.

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