Sixteen: Scream it to the World

He pulled me up as if I weighed as much as a feather. My legs wrapped around his waist as his hands supported me under my butt. My head fell lazily on his shoulder as I tried to blink the haze from my mind. The throb between my legs was only encouraged as his hardness moved against my center with each step he took.

I could feel myself coming back to reality as my body began to heat again. The way he pressed against me from inside his shorts, mixed with the way he unknowing had spread my ass cheeks as he held me up made me want more.

The moisture on his hand as I sat in his palm felt erotic. It was like I was marking him without leaving a visible impression or blemish on his. Every female who got too close to him would more than likely smell me, and while that made me uncomfortable, I also loved knowing that my scent would be all over every inch of him by the time we were done.

There would be no question that he was mine. I wanted to scream it to the world, and by how quickly he made
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