Chapter 57 - Everlasting Bond

Emma Grey

"I said let me go, you insolent child!"

The gripped I had around her tightened, unconsciously making her writhing in pain from the pressure I had put against her wounded back. Pretty sure now she knew how it felt to receive those scarly hits.

It wasn't fun when you were on the receiving end, wasn't it?

Her nails were gripping and pushing on my shoulder, stinging my skin that even the cotton fabric couldn't shield me from her rough touch. But, I could take it, considering how used I was, immune if I were to exaggerate to her harsh demeanor.

Truth to be told, my attention had actually been on her since I had landed on the ground, along with mom.

All the time, though my hands were full, snaking itself around the perpetor, my eyes hadn't once left Elena. Recalling the way she had played around my back for how many years, no one would have guessed what she could've done to me this time around.

However, what seemed to be very odd in this whole situation was definitely her.
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