Chapter 8


My eyes widened when I took sight of my mother who was standing in front of me with a menacing smile. Her eyes met mine and she winked at me before the men who were with her blindly attacked us.

“I trust that you said your goodbyes to your children before leaving the house? You know, as parents would to their kids before traveling” mum mocked “though I believe that your trip would be taking a little longer than they would be expecting”

“Kiara, run” Alessio said but I shook my head. If he was going to fight this, I would be by his side until the end of it.

I kicked a man that approached me in the face breaking his nose before punching him in the face. However, I was surprised when the man didn’t flinch for a second. No, the man threw punches at me as if the blood which was now smudging his face was nothing. I frowned in confusion, trying to understand what was going on. But now wasn’t the time to proce

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