Chapter 9


I ran my fingers through my hair as I watched my wife’s chest rise and fall in her sleep.

The oxygen mask on her face helped her breathe, and I hated the fact that she had all the machines plugged around her for her to be able to at least breathe normally.

“Alessio, she’s going to be fine” dad assured and I shook my head. She’s been sleeping for the past two weeks. Thankfully, the men reported to Ivan that there was an ambush at the airport. They had come with everything to help us, but when they arrived, the bombing started nearly killing them too.

The room that we were in kept us safe for a few hours while they removed the ruins around us to get us out. Yasmina broke her arm and bad a few cuts, but thankfully, her and Paolo’s injuries were quickly treated and they were waiting for Kiara to wake up before they left.

“She’s a strong woman, Alessio” Paolo said catching my attention &ldqu

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