Chapter 10


I stayed quiet for a while as I processed what Doctor Anastasia had told me a while ago.

My hand rested on my stomach, where my child once was, and I sighed.

The fact that I didn’t know of this pregnancy was something, but the fact that I lost the baby was another. But judging by the circumstances that I was in, I wouldn’t have been able to protect the baby if I knew of it anyway.

“How are you feeling, baby?” Alessio asked and I sighed.

“I’m fine, I guess. It would take a while to digest what I heard but anyway, we’ve gotten out of worse, right?” I said smiling at my husband. He took my hand in his and kissed my knuckle softly.

“It was my fault for what happened, I shouldn’t have…”

“Now, now, you blaming yourself would do nothing, love. I don’t think you planned for an attack at the airport, nor did you plan for mum to come out with brain-contr

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