Chapter 43


“Ops” I said after breaking Kyle’s nose. The man’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he tried getting them to focus on me. But whenever he did try to look me in the eye, I would punch him in the face, reminding him who stood in front of him.

“So, you have two options, and these options are only because I love my beauty” I said looking him in the eye “you will either answer, and get a quick death, or stall, and I will be sure you’re begging for it as you give me each answer I want”

I dragged my knife over his thigh, cutting it as I did, watching as Kyle struggled to keep himself quiet. His eyes widening before squinting shut as he bit his bottom lip. He looked me in the eye, tears forming in them, tears which he tried blinking away, drawing blood from his bottom lip.

“You wouldn’t find them. They would have been long gone” Kyle whimpered and I nodded stabbing his knee wit

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