Chapter 44


“The concussion has indeed returned to its first phase of not healing, but you shouldn’t be too worried about it, Kiara as it would heal with time. Only this time you would need to take your medication instead of waiting for it to heal on its own” Dr. Jason said looking me in the eye. He kept his eyes on mine, avoiding Alessio’s as he knew that my husband would mostly be on edge as he heard the news. Hell, even I was frightened as he spoke of them despite his calm demeanor “the reason for the headaches is a blood clot that happened when you hit your head the second time; it would heal with time, but you would need to take it very easy as not to risk it giving you a stroke”

“These medicines would help ease the pain, and you would be needing checkups on a weekly basis until we’re sure that you can be on your own without them. For now, we would be sending two nurses with you, and unless your husband is by your side, t

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