Chapter 45


I paced around my office as the doctor’s words played in my head. The way my wife looked so helpless as she asked me to head to the hospital to begin with was yet to escape my mind before the doctor spoke to us at the fucking hospital.

Clenching my fists around the glass that was in my hand, it was initially filled with whiskey which I drowned down ages ago. I glared at the wall in front of me before throwing the glass, watching it smash into pieces.

How could I let something like this happen? How could I have let my beauty deal with such pain? The woman begged me for the first time to avenge her, and the thing was, I didn’t even know where to begin. Well, I did, but not in the literal state.

Kyle was held captive in my hands. But I needed Tatiana. That woman was going to wish she was never born; I was going to be sure of it. I will not even mention Thomas or Natasha. The pair know what their fate would be, and they know that they&rsq

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