Chapter 50


I watched as Alessio walked out with mum, dad, Thomas, Natasha, and Arda.

He brought them all to their feet, and had them stand in front of everyone in the yard.

The kids were at school, meaning that none of them would be seeing this.

Grace’s eyes watered as she looked at her husband. His eyes met hers, and despite knowing that he broke everything she had in her, he mouthed a silent “I’m sorry”

I knew that it broke him that he took away the one thing he wanted most. The fact that doctors told her that she might not have another baby not only broke her, but his heart too. He didn’t say it out loud, but he didn’t need to, if I knew Thomas in any possible way; I read his pain through his eyes.

Alessio looked at me, his eyes telling me what his mouth couldn’t; he didn’t want me to see this, and in all honesty, neither did I. I didn’t want to live with the image of everyone I ever loved

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Poor Tatiana.... The little girl’s heart is breaking ......

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