Chapter 51 (The Final Chapter)


I walked inside the bedroom and sighed at my wife’s state.

She was sitting on the floor out in the veranda, hugging her knees, and looking into space. Her eyes blank and void of emotion as she processed the heavy events that happened today. I couldn’t blame her either, if I was standing now; it was because I knew that she needed someone to hold her.

Years back, it was me in her shoes, and her in mine. I was shattered after being forced to kill my sister, and she had found out that her mother has plotted her death. She buried her pain inside for my sake during that period, being my strength.

I opened the door, slowly walking out, and careful not to frighten her. I slowly wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly from the back, and it was seconds later when she gave into my touch.

“Kia, you haven’t eaten anything since last night” I whispered to her. She has been standing strong for everyone, but I could s

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goodnovel comment avatar
no matter how many times I read this book I still get heart broken over Thomas n Arda.
goodnovel comment avatar
love this story. not gonna lie I was heartbroken about Thomas n Adra betrayal but love that Grace n Ivan found healing within each other. I need a Alessio lol
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