10) When past press the doorbell

He went down. She heard beep sounds coming from her phone and so she answered it.

"Hello my toy, do you remember me ? I hope you do. You made me wait for a long time, but not anymore. I'm coming, so be ready. Now bye." (person kissed her through phone & disconnected the call)

She felt disgusted and threw her phone to the floor, causing it to break into pieces.

Tears were rolling down her eyes, her breathing got abnormal, beads of sweat formed on her face. With her heart aching, she tried to call Felix, but lost her consciousness, clutching her tightened chest.

Felix came in shocked to see her in this condition, he dialled his doctor, Dr Reena.

She came within minutes of the call and checked on Kristy. After treating her, she prescribed some medicines for her.

"Doctor, what happened to her, is she okay ?"

"Don't worry Felix, she had a panic attack. I gave her an injection, she will be conscious soon. Give her these medications on time and don't let
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