8. Ghosts From the Past

After a short while, I walk into the room Xavier told me, and sit across from him on the couch. The room is lit by a giant fireplace across from us. I grab the blanket sitting at the top of the couch, and wrap it around myself. Pulling my feet close against me. I stare into the flames. It reminds me of that night.

I continue to look at the fire, hypnotized by the flames. I no longer fear it, like I used to as a kid. But that doesn't mean I'll ever forget.

"Do you remember the fire?" I ask. Not really intending it to be a question, but more of a statement. Not allowing him to respond, I carry on.

"My parents were trapped, unable to escape their imminent deaths. That night took everything away from me. That night changed my life. My parents were trapped in that building where they burned to death. Then when I was taken into foster care, I was placed in so many horrible homes that I found my freedom by running. It was only once I was out of the homes that I felt sa

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