13. Xavier's POV Continued

After we arrive home, Lexi heads to her room. She tries to act ok, but I can tell she's not. No one would be after what happened. I try to help her, but she shakes her head.

"I just want to be alone for awhile."

Her request kills me inside, but I don't let her see. Instead I nod my head, and let her walk to her room by herself. Instead I walk to my office, images of Lexi in that change room continue to haunt my thoughts.

I'm unnerved after what happened today. I continue to replay the day's events in my head. 

'How did he get past me? Past my team? Why did I let my guard down? Why did I think he wouldn’t try to find her? I should've known something was wrong. Even she could sense it. Why didn't I act sooner? Why didn't I just try to get her out of there, immediately after she told me something was wrong? Why was I membery enough to believe he wouldn't find a way to get to her.' All these questions are swimming in my head. So many 'why's' but ne

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