16. Open the Door!

"Lexi! Open this door!" I hear someone yell out.

Thoughts of Craig and Gary fill my thoughts. As they would pound on my door in hopes of getting in. 

When I had first moved in with Craig, I had done something that made him upset with me. My instincts had taken over, and I ran in fear to my room, and locked the door. Hoping that he wouldn't be able to hurt me. I could hear him pound on the door. He continued to scream and threaten me, until I unlocked the door.

The more he would pound his fist and yell at me, the last thing I wanted was to give the monster entry to my room. So instead I tried to hide. My room was basic. Only a bed, and a closet. Immediately, I ran to the closet to take cover. I pulled my legs to my body in a protective manner. I tried to make myself appear as small as possible. Hoping that if he did get in, he wouldn't find me.

I remember feeling my tears hit my skin, as I continued to cower in my closet. I had hoped and prayed that h

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