151. Blood Bath

...Ethan POV...

I was in the middle of a meeting with Xavier and the rest of the Scorpions figuring out our next steps. Ever since we saw Lexi's car on the move again, we knew what she was planning. We just didn't know the final destination. 

Xavier's office was a complete mess. There were maps and charts everywhere. People pitching a billion ideas at the same time. We had a feeling Lexi was going after Craig, which only terrified Xavier. I could tell he was worried about what would happen if Lexi managed to confront Craig. Lord knows that it would only end badly, but for who, we weren't positive about. 

Xavier knew that she would find a way to save Ryker, but at what cost? Also would he even be worth saving? I don't mean that in a bad way, but we all have our concerns over what she'll find. From my estimates, Ryker should've died nearly a week ago. That was even stretching it. We were just afraid that Lexi would get herself killed, only to find that R

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