152. Taking Fire

...Xavier POV...

I was furious. I had gathered all my men to help solve this problem. I needed to know what Lexi was doing. Just the act of not knowing may me restless. I was terrified that the next thing I hear about her, will be someone informing me that she's been killed. 

I tried not to think like that, but it was hard not to fall into that trap. There were just so many variables against us at the moment, that the likelihood of her surviving became slimmer by the second. 

"Enough!" I shouted, getting everyone to shut up.

Instantly the room fell silent with all eyes on me.

"Someone give me some sort of a solution!" I scream out in frustration.

My eyes scan around the room, however everyone remains silent. As I continue to scan through my men, they one by one look away from me. It seems after all of this, we're no further than we were hours ago.

"I may have an idea." Kevin says, surprising me.

"What?" I ask, waiting

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