153. Ring of Fire

...Lexi POV...

After Ethan left, Craig and I continued to struggle over the dead man switch. I couldn't afford for it to go off. Suddenly bullets begin to fly around us. Craig's attention is no longer on the trigger, and soon I find the dead man's switch in my hand. I fall to the floor, ducking as more bullets fly our way. In the heat of the moment, Craig takes off. 

I can't let him get away. However I have no choice in this moment, at least until I can get the bomb out. I crouch along the hallway, ducking quickly into one of the nearby rooms. Without losing my grip on the dead man's switch, I reach into my back pocket grabbing my gun. I need a way to protect myself. 

I peek out of the room, looking for any sign of anyone following me. However, much to my luck, no one seems to have noticed me. I shift further into the room, leaning my back along the wall. I set my gun on the ground, keeping it close by should I need it. I then reach into my other pocke

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