158. Final Battle

Nurses began to run out of the room in a panic. My men followed behind me as we entered Lexi's room. My eyes went wide as I saw one of the Doctors pinned to the ground, as Lexi held onto a needle, threatening to inject the doctor beneath her.

"What the hell is going on?" I shout.

My men seem just as confused as me. It's as thought they have no idea what to do next. They know they can't shoot her, but they also know that if they were to injure her in any way, that they would pay with their lives. So instead, they stand placid, unsure as to how to move forward.

"We don't know what happened. We believe that she's trying to defend herself, but she doesn't seem to realize that we're just trying to help her." One of the nurses informs me.

Instantly, I begin to understand. I've seen her do this once before. She's unconsciously defending herself. Her mind must be blending her nightmares with reality. Defending itself in the only way it knows how. By attacking. As

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