159. Retribution

...Lexi POV...

I was discharged from the hospital a few days later. Under supervision of Dr Lawson of course. Even though I had been discharged, Xavier didn't allow me to do anything myself. Rather he had become like my personal slave. If I needed to go to the bathroom, he would take me. If I wanted to g outside, he would carry me there. He cooked anything I wanted to eat. Which I can't complain, because he's an amazing chef. 

Even though I found the attention to be overwhelming at times, I didn't say anything. I still don't remember everything that happened, but I knew from the way he was acting, that he was afraid that he could lose me at any moment. While he had become good at hiding his true feelings, he could never fully hide them from me. Whatever happened, must've scared him shitless. From what I do know about what happened, I can only agree that his reaction is justified. I would be acting similarly, if not the same if our roles were reversed. 

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