161. Firefly

True to her word, over the next few months, Sienna helped me gain control of the Dragons. As Jax had found out, the Serbs had no interest in their American counter parts. Rather it seems as though we did them a favour by eliminating Craig and his brothers. Shortly after I took control of the Dragons, Vlado, the leader of the Serbian Mafia reached out to us. He wanted to thank us for eliminating his troublesome family members, and offered us anything we want in return.

We thought about it for awhile, when only when thing came to mind. We wanted peace. The best way to achieve that, was if we formed an alliance. This alliance would unite the Scorpions, Dragons, Serbs, along with the Knights. We would now be the most powerful organizations in the world. We had so many allies, that no one would ever dare to go against us.

With Sienna and Xavier's help, I was able to transform the Dragons into an entirely new organization. The Dragons now closely resembled the Scorpions, how

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