163. Out of the Ashes

A few hours later, I am holding our handsome son in my arms. I feel content as I look into his eyes. I smile as I see my green eyes stare back at me. He's an exact copy of Xavier except for the eyes. I couldn't be more proud. I turn to look at Xavier, smiling contentedly as he looks back at both of us. He leans forward and places a kiss on my head. 

"What should we call him?" I ask.

"Are you sure? Don't you want to name him?" He questions.

"I've already had my chance. I want you to name him." I say smiling down at our bundle of joy.

Xavier looks at the both of us, thinking for a moment.

"What about... Rainer?" He asks, nervously.

I look down at our son. 

"I think it's perfect. Why Rainer?" I ask.

"Because he's our little Warrior. Rainer means wise army or deciding warrior. Either of which I believe him to be. He beat the odds and triumphed over the darkness." Xavier explains, making me smile.

I look down at our

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Kuburat Hassan Onimago
What a great work. Lovely, lovely lovely....
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