Chapter 58

Adonis ~

(Note; all of these happened before Lola’s accident. This happened on the day of her accident.)

I woke up the next day with my phone blazing through my ears. A groan escaped my lips as I sat up, sleepily rubbing my eyes as I reached for my phone. I spent the rest of the night yesterday going through work with Noah. I’ve been slacking off but how can I not slack off? I’ve been going through hell trying to get mom back and fuck this whole wedding with Penelope who by the way decided it was a great move to leave my phone with so many missed calls.

“Hello sir.” I recognized the voice of my private investigator, immediately sitting up right. He’s calling this early morning and that should mean something, right?

“Any news?” I asked, going straight o the point and ignoring every greeting I know I should have done. I could feel my heart beat thump louder in my chest as I waited for his reply.

“I have news sir but I have to see you for this.” He tells me. I furrowed my eyebrows, getti
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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh oh she is a psycho this is getting out of hand
goodnovel comment avatar
Samantha Precious
Okay. Penelope needs some jail time.
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Keshia Wimbush
I knew it. You can only fight crazy with crazy

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