Chapter 62

It’s been four days…

Four days since I’ve gotten mom back. One day since since father has been arrested arraigned to court where he was found guilty of fraud and also holding mom hostage even after her accident.

He was also found guilty for threatening me and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

My life has suddenly taken a different turn and route. No matter how short and private the court proceedings were, some of it was still bound to spill to the public and that it did. Although I wasn’t shaken by the different conspiracies people kept coming up with.

“Hey.” Lola whispered, I turned to look at her with a glass of apple juice in her hands. I rolled my eyes playfully as she took a seat beside me. We were both sitting in Liam and Chloe’s patio. We couldn’t celebrate fully since mom was still in the hospital, Penelope still hasn’t been caught and Lola hasn’t healed. She still has a cast on and still uses her crutches.

We all sat outside here eating and talking until Chloe felt slee
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