Agreement Under The Moonlight
Agreement Under The Moonlight
Author: JuannaMayo



LOVE IS like the luminous full-phase moon glowing from the night sky; it doesn't usually appear every single night but when it does, everyone makes sure to cherish it a lot...

Gaya sa paniniwala ng dalagang si Blythe— ang prinsipyo ng dalaga pagdating sa pag-ibig at kasal ay sinsagrado ng altar sa bawat simbahan. Hindi man siya pinalad na lumaki sa piling ng kaniyang tunay na ama't ina, wala mang kabiyak ang itinuturing niyang ikalawang ina ay ni minsan hindi nawala sa isip niya ang kahalagahan ng pag-ibig sa pagitan ng dalawang taong magpapakasal o magsasama. Para sa dalawampung taong gulang na dalaga, isa sa pinakamahalagang sangkap ng kasal ay ang pag-ibig.

But with her case right now, their needs; and her unending problems it seems that her principles and beliefs have no part to take in her life at the moment. Her Mama Celia has been hovering between life and death; sa tindi ng dinanas nito sa kaniyang aksidente ay kinakailangan ng ginang na ma-operahan sa lalong madaling panahon.

Sa kasamaang palad ay walang ganoong kalaking perang magagamit si Blythe at kung sinusuwerte nga naman siya ay sunod-sunod pa ang mga kamalasang dumarating sa kaniyang buhay. Just two days ago, she was expulsed by their landlady from their small apartment because she failed to pay their house rent for the third time now. And not to mention the damn pickpocket who stole her last money for the next three days.

Wala nang natitira sa kaniya maliban sa kaniyang ina at syempre ang pinakahuli niyang gagawin ay ang pabayaan ang ginang... So, despite the doubt and sadness growing in her chest, she signed the freaking marriage agreement with her eyes tightly shut. It was ripping her heart apart but she would endure it as long as she can. Nagawa nga niya noon, ngayon pa kaya?

Once again she forced a smile when the photographer directed the lens of his DSLR camera towards her direction, she did her very best to stay beautiful despite the cold and rough wind scratching her skin while she was slowly walking down the carpeted aisle. The sensation has been piercing through her heart and it's clawing her guts, making her think of throwing the towel already.

So, to divert her attention from over-thinking things again, Blythe busied her eyes praising all the beautiful flowers scattered around the aisle. Its fragrant essence was mixed with the cold night breeze and it was a breath of relief even just for a bit.

Aside from the aesthetic flowers is also the majestic full phase of the moon beside the cirrostratus clouds, swollen eyes staring at it for a couple of minutes. Always, she's too breathtaking; especially when she's full and so bright. Blythe adores the breathtaking Luna so much because she somehow felt connected with it. Well, since her childhood Luna used to be there whenever there was an episode of her misfortune in life... just as right now.

Like the moon who only shows up at night, Blythe can also feel her freedom of going anywhere she likes and enjoy the world when the sun is not around anymore to burn her sensitive skin. It was as if only the moon could embrace her for who she really is. But if her memory serves her right, since the orphanage's tragedy up to the very misfortune she's experiencing right now, the moon has always been there to witness her distress. It was as if Luna had been keeping wrath from her and she was punishing Blythe at every chance possible.

Nagbaba siya ng tingin para lang matagpuan ang berdeng mga mata ni Attorney Alezzandro Vizmanos na noo'y siyang naka-tayo sa harapan ng ministrong magdudugtong sa kapalaran nilang dalawa. Standing in there with his glorious self; his peak lapel long tuxedo established the mysterious aura he carry everywhere. The wind is playing with its long hem, exhibiting more of his charisma. Perfect posture with a length of seven feet usually screams strength that terrifies everyone who tries to come near him but tonight, his uprightness is somewhat giving her the sense of cage as in the peek of hopelessness in her heart.

Sa ilang pagkakataong napapanood ni Blythe sa T.V. at nababasa sa diyaryo ang binata bilang isang tanyag na negosyante at malupit na abogado, madalas ay paghanga ang nararamdaman niya para sa binata. Ibang-iba ngayon na tila isa siyang ibong ihinahanda ang sarili sa pagpasok sa kaniyang hawla. She's never been this terrified her whole life but, her weird feelings give no justice because the person she's going to marry is not a bad one. Not even a monster...

The sacred matrimony began the moment he finally got the chance to hold her cold hand. So, this is really it? Damn! Blythe wants to puke her heart out because of the intensifying fear, nervousness, or whatsoever! Peace flew away like a bird in the wilderness whenever they sensed danger around, it's getting harder to tame her heart and that explains why she's been inattentive to the ceremony. The sound it makes was a complaint about the fate that she never saw even in her dreams and it outshines the voices she's supposed to listen to.

None of the faces around was familiar as she watches each of the guests sitting in front of them. Maski sa kaniyang mga itinuruting na kaibigan ay wala siyang sinabihan dahil isa iyon sa mga nilalaman ng kasunduang nilagdaan nila ni Attorney Zandro bago ang kanilang kasal. Marami pa ang naka-tala roon ngunit iilan lamang ang sadyang tumatak sa kaniyang isipan at hanggang ngayon ay ikinababahala pa rin ng dalaga.

"Blythe..." Zandro called amid her clouded mind. He feigned a rough smile as he motioned his head toward the minister's direction. "Your turn now."

Napakurapkurap si Blythe nang matagpuan ang malabong mga mata ng matandang ministro na naka-abang sa kaniyang isasagot. And as if on cue, the old minister managed to repeat the golden phrases he quoted from the holy book laid in his hand. Sadness kicked in her chest harder the moment he stopped for her answer, silence consumed the place once more as Blythe visited the stoic face of the man she's going to gamble her life with. Damn! This must be a joke!

But thinking about her mother's pain and the danger that's waiting for her in the hospital...

"I-I do," she answered with her throat narrowing which produced only a half-whisper. Atty. Zandro tilted his head in a thirty-degree manner; Blythe bit her lower lip and said it again in a louder voice. "I do."

"And now I pronounced you as husband and wife..."

That leads them into the next stage of the ceremony.

After the ring bound them as now newlyweds, the minister also asked them to share a kiss to seal what was in their vows... It's not and it will never be a sweet one for they both know only love can make it sweeter. Their loveless marriage which they built only for convenience can never bring them the satisfaction that the real couple has, although she felt a slight touch of flame all over her body when he bent down to give her a smack of a kiss.

The indifference in the pit of her stomach ignited into her system just when the banquet was served and shared with a few of their witnesses. Mas napatunayan pa ng dalaga ang kamalian sa kaniyang desisyon habang kumakain sila at patuloy si Blythe sa panonood sa mga naroroon. Kasama ng batian ay ang kuwentuhan na madalas naka-angkla sa usaping negosyo, pera; at lahat ng tungkol sa Alta Sociedad.

Sinikap niyang huwag pansinin ang namumuong lamig sa kaniyang sikmura, sa halip ay nilamanan na lamang niya iyon dahil ilang araw na rin siyang walang matinong kain dahil sa kaka-iyak sa ina niyang hanggang ngayon ay wala pa ring malay. Funny to think how fate once again played the cards; now she's starting to believe Addi's psycho-advice about that certain term "Cherophobia".

Nag-uumpisa pa lamang silang bumangon at magsimula ay heto na naman ang isang sakuna; sinasalanta sila at sinasaktan. To keep the negativity is the last thing she wants to feel right now, but she's having a hard time finding some light.

Will she really make it?

In the middle of chewing the food in her mouth, her weary eyes grazed the shimmering stone of the ring on her finger. There were three tiny stones embedded in it and they were shining with every touch of a small amount of light coming from the moon. This gorgeous thing won't mean anything but to show everyone the bond she has with Attorney Vizmanos now, with someone she barely knows and loves. The amazement somehow covers the intimidation that has been consuming her ever since, hindi siya kailanman nagkaroon ng gano'n dahil wala siyang pambibili...

Matapos ang kasal ay ang nakaka-binging katahimikan naman ang sumunod sa malawak na silid kung saan naroon ang mga gamit ni Blythe, dahil hindi naman sila totoong nagmamahalan ni Zandro ay hindi sila magkasama sa iisang silid. Isa iyon sa mga naka-sulat sa kanilang kontrata at kailangan iyong masunod kung hindi ay ititigil nito ang suporta sa kaniyang inang nakaratay sa hospital at iyon ang pinaka-huling bagay na nanaisin ni Blythe, kaya't hanggang sa makakaya niya ay susundin niya ang mga utos nito.

Mula sa malaking bintanang naka-harap sa pultahan ng mansion ay pinanood ni Blythe ang kahuli-hulihang sasakyang lumabas matapos ang seremoniya sa pagitan nila ni Attorney Vizmanos. Mas lalo pang nalaglag ang balikat niya nang ma-kumpirmag si Zandro iyon at iiwan na naman siya ng binatang mag-isa gayung kakatapos lamang ng kanilang kasal.

A tiny smirk found its way to her lips. "At anong inaasahan ko?"

Imbes na gumawa pa ng maraming drama na mas makakapagpabigat sa kaniyang dibdib ay sumisid na lamang siya sa malambot niyang kama at doon ipinaubaya ang nararamdaman niyang kahungkagan. She shut her eyes and forced herself to relax, slowly she felt her nerves calming down; her brain produces too many melatonin hormones which sets her into a deep sleep eventually…

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