His Million Dollar Wife
His Million Dollar Wife
Author: sinblue

“Stupido! Come sono scappati?” —Stupid! How did they escape?

He growled in so much anger as he threw the glass that has New Grove Double Cask Moscatel Finish Rum in it. The broken pieces of the glass scattered on the floor and the aroma of the expensive rum blended with the smell of combined cigarette and manly perfume in the whole elegant room.

Expensive. Everything inside the room is expensive, including the furious boss who's shooting deadly glares to his scared men. His tiger-like eyes could give someone a peak to hell, and that scares his men even more.

“We're sorry, boss. Our car flipped over the road and that's when they get away.”

“Stupido! Stupido! Fuori. Fuori dalla mia vista!” —Stupid! Stupid! Out. Out of my sight!

His men bowed to him and quickly run to hide from their boss' anger.

He sat on the huge mattress and crossed his legs. Anger can't leave his tiger eyes as he balled his fist. Those fuckers who managed to escape are those who has debt to him. A huge debt that can only be paid by their lives.

He lifted his face and stared at the name engraved on the wall of the room. Messina Empire. Of course, his company is just a disguise to hide the mafia organization that he's managing, although the Messina Empire is also a Company. A shipping company.

He rose from his seat and grabbed the key of his car. His men who are guarding the door flinched upon seeing him stepping out of his office. His right hand, Niccolo Moretti—who was about to enter the office, bowed to him. “Signore,”

He eyed him. “Starò fuori per un po',” —I'll be out for a while. He said. “Rimani qui.” —Stay here.

His butler bowed. “Si signore.” —Yes, sir.

With authority and power in every step, we walk along the hallway with both hands inside his pocket. He rode the elevator and went to the basement where his car was parked. The authority and power in his aura is enough to conclude his status in life. He is a multibillionaire and a drug lord. His organization is exporting and importing drugs in every country. He also sells firearms to the other syndicate and, yes, Philippines is his new target country after he stayed in England for a month.

Because he's been coming back and forth to different countries, including the Philippines, he's already familiar with the places in here. He drove to his favorite nightclub.

The bouncer quickly bowed after spotting him. “Signore Messina,” he muttered.

He didn't respond. He didn't even bother throwing a glance at him.

The mixed aroma of liquor and cigarette welcomed him together with the loud beat of music. People who are dancing and crazily banging their heads to the music noticed him. His presence made the girls go wilder, and he just smirked at that.

He went to the bar counter and sign to the bartender. He already knew what he wants.

He took a stick of cigarette from his pocket and just when he's about to light it, a woman with a seductive body and gorgeous face bumped against his body. Due to his reflexes, he grabbed her waist to prevent her from falling to the ground.

The woman has a glass of hard drink in her hand. She pushed him a little and drank before lifting her face to meet his eyes.

He suddenly felt a tingling sensation inside him. His length twitched as he stared at her slightly parted, plump lips. His heart also race as her drunk and expressive eyes bore to him.

She grinned. “Ang gwapo mo naman. Galing ka ba sa langit?”

His forehead creased. He doesn't understand her. Although he's been coming back and forth in the country, he doesn't have the heart to speak the country's language. But now, he will buy every book needed to learn the freaking language of the woman.

With his deep and hoarse voice, he spoke. “Come ti chiami, bambina?” —What's your name, baby?

The woman's eyes widened. “Italian ka? Shocks! Kaya pala ang gwapo mo.”

He shook his head and smiled. He grabbed his drink and bumped it the woman's glass. “Sono Alessandro, bambina.” —I'm Alessandro, baby.

The woman giggled. “Ang sexy naman ng boses mo.”

He just smirked, even if he doesn't understand. Language won't stop him from claiming the vixen in front of him. Hell, he would take her in every possible position but first, he wants her to be his…officially.

“Hey, bambina. Can you speak English?” he decided to ask with his sexy voice.

She giggled again. “Mayaman ka ba? Bilhin mo na 'ko. Kailangan ko ng moneys—as in money with s. Maraming pera!” she drunkly said.

He still couldn't understand, but one thing is for sure—the beautiful woman in front of him needs a lot of money and he's willing to give everything to her without hesitations.

He smirked. “How much do you need, bambina?”


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