7 - You chose this dog over me?

"You chose this dog over me?" Tony asked Ashley in a cold - bitter tone. Everyone in the dining room hushed. They were eager to hear Tony's response to Richard and Ivy almost intervened to prevent her son from taking a bizarre decision. 

Yet, it would be a humiliation to Tony if she did. He would be seen as being babied by mama at age thirty. Whereas after swearing-in Tony as the president, she debunked involving herself. This was between two elites proven responsible enough to take tough decisions.

The Woods family were always known to be the butchers, cutting without minding where it hurt. All that mattered was for power to be transferred to them.

The corner of Tony's lip curled into a mischievous grin and he stared at Richard like a clown. All his opponent's plans sa

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Kristina Osman
She threw her stilettos at Richard not Tony
goodnovel comment avatar
Rona Legion
amusing the game of the rich and famous
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Bella Jersey
Still an asshole

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