14 - You leave, only if I tell you to. Is that clear?

"Oh, my, Abigail, which restaurant made this?" Isaac moaned at the taste of the food and asked. Abigail, flattered by the compliment, blushed at where she sat on the sofa, trying her best to avoid the two men but now she was pulled back again into talking. 

"I made it," she mumbled. 

"What?" Isaac exclaimed, mouthful. Most people winded away from the traditional M City style of preparing the creamy chicken pasta soup, inculcating modern ingredients but Abigail stuck to the original ingredients but only changed the cooking style. If she had been mistreated for so long, the good part was, it transmitted her improvising skills since she was always forced to do the cooking.

"Tony, is that correct?" Isaac screamed, not believing it. All he imagined was Abigail buying th

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Jaquita James
Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow ......... Tony tasting his on medicine
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Bella Jersey
Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow
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Bella Jersey
That’s one of those complements your have such a pretty face. why do you hide it behind all this fat

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