19 - No, I don't need your money

Throughout the journey home, Tony was strangely in good spirits. He had never exhibited this side to her before, making her wonder who he called and what made him so happy. He was clearly upset when he went to the washroom so what happened? Chaos patrolled on Abigail's mind and yet, she couldn't make head or tail of the situation. 

Offhandedly, Tony placed his arm around her shoulder, startling her. She creased her brow and shifted uncomfortably. Was he drunk?

Plus, her actions only confirmed to Tony that he had a bargaining chip. The confusion on her face was just splendid and Tony loved it. He wasn't upset that she moved away. Rather, his smirk extended to laughter.

Abigail was only convinced that Tony was going crazy. When they got home, she was about to open the door by herself when Tony said, "wait." Abigail stopped, even more, troubled when he got down and opened the door for her, bowing gently, "your royal highness, we are home," he mocked her. 

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Bella Jersey
It has to be driving Tony crazy that Abigail doesn’t care about all the bells and whistles that goes with being his wife
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Thank you so much.
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You are too smart, Susan

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