22 - Tell me who did this, and I will let him pay.

"You did this." Tanya's eyes roamed the garden, a delightful and satisfactory smile settled in the corners of her mouth while she confirmed with certainty. From the choice of flowers and gardening aesthetics, she knew without a doubt that this could only be the handiwork of Abigail since some of these flowers were her personal favourites. Abigail offered her a seat at the patio while she instructed one of the maids to make them coffee.

"How can you tell so quickly?" Abigail asked, blinking back her tears. Their bond was just great.

Tanya rolled her eyes, "are you truly asking? Those water lilies in the pond, I told you I loved them when we went to the national garden and the fountain, I told you they told silent stories and the..."

"I know, but what happened to you?" Abigail cut her off and asked. Every flower she used and every decorative item had a story attached to it. That was what made her work special but she could see through Tanya's smile and lovable personality that somethi
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Rose SB
I hope it’s Isaac paying for Tanya’s food items.
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Hope you much better, now. Thanks for updating this lovely story. Stay well!
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Rowena Marcelino
get wellsoon

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