Epilogue one

Twenty-seven years later

"You are beautiful," Tony buried his head in the crook of Abigails' neck, sucking passionately and leaving his usual love bites. Even after twenty-seven years, they never had enough of each other.

Abigail moaned, "you are handsome," she gasped, her body responding to his sweet abuse. Tony captured her nipple in his warm mouth, licking gently while he caressed every inch of her skin.

"I want you every day and every night. Can you do that?" He said in deep breaths, lowering himself to her navel, his tongue plunging in, she arched her back and moaned deeper but his words got her surprised. Tony's libido was just as it used to be. Age has done nothing to it.

"I'm beginning to think that your body is going in reverse. This is the fourth round, Tony, we aren't getting younger. I'm drained," she faked a frown. No matter how many times he wanted her, she enjoyed it too.

"I'll get you better multivitamins then," Tony said.
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Thanks a lot for reading.
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Gaulua Siu
wow awesome ... i hope there is a sequeal to this book pls... good work Author loved this book thanks.........
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Susan Quek
Lovely if thunderbolt and Brian ends up together

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