Epilogue two

Brian hesitated, as shock electrified him so she asked for the second time impatiently, "who are you what the fuck are you doing in my dads' car?"

"K…Kisha? You are a thunderbolt?" Not only did she stun Brian but she also made him stammer.

"Yes, and who are you?" She asked again. The face looked familiar to her and she was trying to recollect where she saw it.


She recalled Brian when they were young. Anytime she went to visit Aunty Abigail with her mum, Brian would be acting all proud and selfish, unwilling to share his toys. However, the man before her looked dignified and attractive but there was just something about him. She hadn't seen him since she returned because she had been busy with work. She also wasn't abreast with the gossip around Mcity. "Brian, you've changed," she said, suppressing her anger.

"And so have you. What have you been up to?" He asked curiously. Being abreast with the fact that thunderbolt was Kisha, he was quite disappointed. Kisha was a family
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Nikita Rathuri
Awesome story, loved it. short and precise. not like others just stretching it with same things without reason.
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I will start working on it very soon dear.
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Recena Holloway
This was beautiful and yes we need a Brian and Kisha love story
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