Chapter 21: In the Slime Colony

The Unicorn continued to move in the desert. Vultures would often see it and fly above the sky to watch it, but the Unicorn didn’t seem to be exhausted as it continued to strut at full speed despite carrying two people riding it.

“We’re almost there.” Xandra finally spoke. It had been nearly an hour that she didn’t talk. She was doing her best to calm down.

As they rose and down the dunes, Flay could finally see the end of the Desert Lands. The Grass Lands could be seen on the distant horizon.

Flay could not help but give a huge sigh.

“And here I thought I’d be stuck in the Desert Lands for days and would hop from one Oasis to the next…” Flay smiled.

Xandra leaped of Dara and began to look around.

“It was just around this area. The sand dunes an

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