Chapter 22: Powers of the Water Slime

Kairo had finally completed absorbing all the water Slimes inside the colony. Kairo’s form was now three times bigger than what it once was.

Xandra was still asleep together with Dara. The two were cuddling comfortably and caused Flay to look at them as Xandra looked so angelic as she slept comfortably and used Dara’s soft mane as a pillow.

Flay had created another small fire and had been putting his hand in it, secretly absorbing more fire energy and hiding it from Xandra or Dara’s sight.

Flay kept being on guard as he waited for Kairo to complete his fusion and the process of Mitosis to create a new slime.

Soon, Kairo had managed to divide itself into two equal parts. The first was the green slime that was Kairo’s original form. But next to it was a light blue slime.

Kairo began to walk around and tried to

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