Chapter 25: A Horrifying Experiment

Flay was so angry, and it was creating a devastating weight of killing intent that the Unicorn was so scared it dared not move a muscle.

Xandra was overcome with horror as she had held the arm close and realized a little too late what she had seen. She kept puking and puking.

“This room! This accursed room! What did that Warlock do?!” Flay roared angrily.

“Master! The Unicorn! It’ll faint if you release any more. Now is the time to act not in anger but in caution. Protect Xandra and help her. She seemed to have recognized the hand.”

Flay was awakened from his anger at Kairo’s words.

Flay turned around and held Xandra, who was still on her fours and continued to puke.


“My uncle… This is my uncle’

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