Chapter 177: The Rider of Death

Flay and the rest were left alone and led by the Duke towards a certain room.

But unlike what was implied, the Duke didn’t seem angry at Ligz’s reaction.

Instead, the group was led towards a special room where a feast was already made ready for them.

“This...?” Clint was amazed.

“You lot have caused me great earnings today! It’s natural that I would give back to my cash cows! Here is a feast for a king. Delicacies from all the forts have been prepared! Also, I did as you said, Flay. It was difficult sneaking in a battle steed in here. Sending Dara the Unicorn was already a lot of trouble. Battle Steeds are several times more valuable here, after all.” The Duke laughed.

Stryder quickly rushed towards Flay, and Flay embraced it.

“Good to see you too, Stryder. You’re looking better now.” Flay smiled.

“This Battle Steed is different than Dara. Dara was full of power and health. But this Battle Steed...” A man approached.

“Flay, this is Nevous. He is one of the elite breeders of horses in
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