Chapter 178: Lilly’s Decision

While Flay and the rest began their feast, Lilly and Selena were summoned by the Mage guild leaders who joined the tournament...

Lilly had to offer her pleasantries to the Order and was berated by Tianne’s superiors for Lilly’s silence and disregard in offering any valuable information about the Tamers.

Several Mid and High Adepts stood before Lilly. But, leading them was a Mage Expert!

The mages represented various mage guilds within the Northerfort. A majority were women, and only a few were men.

Among those within the group were Harley and Tianne.

Harley didn’t join in berating Lilly, and Tianne didn’t have the strength.

“You fought with that Tamer, and you kept silent of their power?!” A Mid-Adept mage argued.

“You should have informed all mage guilds of that man’s power?”

“What? I had to do that? So tell me… what have you ever given me? So what if I kept silent?” Lilly frowned.

The response, Lilly drew surprised exclamations.

“What do you mean… so what?”

“All of you laughed at
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