Chapter 179: The Assassination Plot

With so many skilled experts around, the battles of each were shown, and the highlights were focused upon.

The Shield Prince, who stood nearby, also joined in the conversation as the group discussed strategy and technique in the battle.

Flay was immersed in eating and enjoying the food.

Clint and Ligz were also busy digging into their meal. The more serious ones were Liathel, Arthen, Legacy, and William, who made assessments in the fights of everyone.

“Justin, you have a disadvantage when fighting. You have amazing skills, but against the raw power of the enemy, it will seem dangerous. Elaine, your power is great, but those attacks are not enough to break through defensive enemies. Finally, Liathel, your fight with the Unyielding Steel is likely to happen. But you have to harness more power in your slash.”

“That is… if he will be your opponent.” The Duke began.

Many were stunned at the words of the dukes.

“I am sorry, dear friends. But the matchups can change. You see, the next round
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