Chapter 180: Counter Plot

The Duke couldn’t see any flaws in this accusation. Liathel was beautiful, and with William’s reputation and declining status, any noble could commit such atrocities against them.

“Milord?!” Mia asked the Duke.

“My lord! There has to be another way!” William added.

“Well… If you guys can think of a reason to barge into their residence, then go for it rightfully. But if not, that suggestion will work! Basically, anything that will warrant you charging in their place uninvited and where you start attacking their men and force them to defend themselves.” The Duke explained.

The group huddled together and quickly made suggestions. But the Duke always had a reason to shoot them down, claiming it was unreasonable.

“It has to make sense and is hard to refute. Your goal is to buy time. It has to be something that demands their attention, and it has to be something that they cannot easily prove wrong. Not to mention, your task is only to confront them. We don’t want your family to be on the r
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