Chapter 181: Delaying the Druids

Even though there were numerous visitors from the city, Westerfort Heaven city did not have many open shops. The once loud and active main commercial district barely had anyone there!

In the kingdom where strength is respected, the nobles that visited the Westerforts were naturally stronger, more powerful, and wealthy. The freemen naturally hid as the Westerforts were generally the weakest among all Dukedoms.

It was common for the wealthy and powerful to take beautiful freemen maidens to be their chambermaids forcibly. After numerous instances where families have split apart or Freemens mysteriously murdered, when nobles of the different dukedoms would visit, most freemen often hid in their residences.

Those that remained outside to work were often owned or directly managed by Westerfort nobles.

But even Barons feared a night like this. The Diasons even received an assassination order without willfully angering another.

Shops were closed because many freemen who opened their businesse
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