Chapter 182: Delaying the Count

The Count was expected to make his appearance. With the plot of assassinating a duke, it was expected that everyone involved would have their respective excuses. The druids have made their excuses, and their specific role wouldn’t make them make a direct appearance, but they would cast a spell from a certain distance to perform their magic.

But the Count was a person of authority and had to properly make preparations to give him an excuse and exclude him from the list of suspects. And so, to do that, he had to present himself as the esteemed guest of the Viscount who had made reservations and was hosting a party as their sponsored fighter had moved to the next round.

The Emerion family continued to enjoy the festivities, and at the seat of honor was Count Brent Sarfaron.

“Do we just walk in and shout at the hand of god? Wouldn’t he choke us?” Richard laughed as the group slowly approached.

“We will find out, won’t we?” William laughed as he moved towards the mansion's entrance and was
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