Chapter 208: Traps and Preparation

The great Duke of the Easterforts and his elite guards were nothing to these powerful beings.

The purple-scaled man revealed its true form and what was strange was the massive power did not release any Brute power at all! It was pure strength!

And yet Dorado was clutching the man with all of his Brute energy.

“What happened?” The creature that Dorado called the Abadon asked him.

“...It was a trap mechanism! Asteria had powerful magic that we never expected possible! They nearly succeeded!”

“Nearly succeeded?” The Abadon laughed.

“Is that what I should be happy about? That you all nearly succeeded?” The Abadon laughed.

Dorado trembled but he could not answer. He had not known that this mission would actually make one of that mysterious beasts move from their secret lairs!

“The north must be opened! Don’t you value your life, Dorado? Or do you wish to be like your predecessor?”

“Lord Abadon! Please forgive us! The power of Asteria surpassed everyone’s expectations! The South, the Druids
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