Chapter 209: Replacement

The Darkwood Monk was constantly meditating in his room.

The Brute Power that he was releasing began to cover his staff. The staff that he held was crafted with an immense amount of corrosive power. It was made from a rare Darkwood monster he acquired on the expeditions down in the Southerforts.

But the Monk had a way of using his Brute Power and resisting the tremendous poison of the Darkwood and became famous for having the powers to conquer it.

The Monk suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the door.

A faint knock was heard and a young soldier entered through the doors.

“Mister Darkwood Monk?” The soldier asked.

“A soldier? Is it urgent news about the tournament?” The Darkwood Monk asked.

“Yes.” The soldier bowed and held up a letter.

The monk sighed and motioned for the soldier to hand him the letter.

The soldier bowed and approached to hand the monk the letter.


Without warning, the staff of the Monk flew with great speed and the branch twisted creating a sharp edge.

The s
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