Chapter 211: Prince Veil

It was the night before the tournament continuation.

In the past days, numerous delegates from the Northerforts have arrived and they made very ambitious claims to the land.

The Duke of Westerfort was forced to surrender portions of their best land and give it to the Duchess.

It was as if the Duchess had taken over a quarter of the entire kingdom! Many of the Westerfort officials were against it but Kanter was set.

Many wept as their beloved fort was being stripped bare and owned by the Northerforts.

But to prevent war with the North, Kanter acceded.

In the arrangement that followed numerous trade deals, pacts, and stringent laws were signed.

It was practically impossible for the Westerfort to do something without the Northerfort knowing what it was.

The Southerforts and the Northerforts soon learned of it and saw the Southerforts be a pawn that could be used by the Norhterforts.

Its power and influence had grown with the signing of many pacts even before the arrival of the delegates
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