Chapter 214: The Offer

Veil led the way and opened the carriage. The insides of the majestic carriage and was amazed.

“So wasteful. Relying on condensed energy of Brute and Magic. This thing doesn’t even have ways to sustain and create its own energy.” Kairo sighed.

“If this is the wealth of this place, then it’s even lower than I think it is.”

Flay kept quiet and maintained an amazed expression as he rode the carriage.

“Take us up. A talk with the Eos deserves a heavenly view.” The Prince spoke.

“Yes, my Lord!” The Adept bowed and the carriage began to leave the grand hall.

Everyone glanced at the scene and many were murmuring about what this would mean.

But Arthen secretly messages the group that Flay would be in danger as the Prince wanted to kill him.

As the meeting of the warriors continued, the floating carriage of the Prince began to scale the high heavens.

Flay watched in amazement as he saw the sky higher than the heavens. They moved beyond the thick clouds and flew over them.

The thick clouds that
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